Tyler Kuiper

Tyler Kuiper

Musician & Photographer

Tyler Kuiper is an American artist from Grand Rapids, MI.

They are currently recording a new album of original material with engineer/producer Joel Ferguson (The Verve Pipe, Papa Vegas, Miles to Mars) at Planet Sunday Studios in Rockford, MI.

Since 2003, Tyler has contributed to a variety of projects ranging from open mic late nights and cover bands to working with 90s alt rockers The Verve Pipe. A multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter, Tyler's next goal is to carve out a space for their own music in the frequency landscape.

Stay tuned for more music. In the meantime, take a glance into the past with these Soundcloud archives.

Some of the artists Tyler Kuiper has performed with:

Outer Vibe
The Mercury Crash
Igby Iris
The Verve Pipe
Funkle Jesse
Second Hand Drugs
Melissa Dylan
The Human Kindness

Tyler Kuiper's photography work will be back online eventually.

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